Sep 11, 2014

10 Tips To Start Your Career As A Freelance Writer.

First Tip: Offer More Services in Same Price

It is one of the best ways to compete with your competitors that you
offer more valued services in the same prices as compared to your
competitors. You just have to use your mind and have to create new
ideas in this regards.

By doing such kind of things, you can easily compete with your
competitors. If you can’t compete on price with your competitor then you can surely beat him by providing more quality services.
You have to offer some incremental kind of services to your client so that your offer becomes more attractive. For offering extra services, you don’t have to charge any more cost. You have to present yourself in such a way that you are much better as compared to your nearest competitor.

Here are some ways by which you can make your offer more worthy
 You can offer free HTML formatting without taking any kind of
 You can make an offer of adding images to the writing without
having any extra charges.
 You may offer them a free article after every ten
 While book writing, you can offer to make a table of content
without any extra cost.

Second Tip: Get Familiar With Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Unique selling point is something which is not offered by any of your competitor. For a successful business, you must be familiar with your unique selling point. It should be related to the market in which you are working so that it will be a big plus point for you. It should be a thing that really makes you superior if compared to your competitors.

Below are some unique selling points from the perspective of
freelance writers:
 If you have a college degree in a certain area then it would be
helpful for you in getting work related to that field. For example,
if you hold a degree in nursing then you can get medical related
articles easily.
 If you have any kind of professional experience like if you remain
a veterinarian then it would be easy for you to get articles
related to pet care.
 If you have any kind of journalism experience then it would be
helpful for you in all respects in field of freelance writing.
 If you can write fluently in more than one language then it will
be big plus point for you as number of people required articles in
different languages.
 If you are attached to a certain group then you can write articles
more conveniently if you get a task to write about others in that

Third Tip: Believe in Yourself

You can easily convince other persons if you feel that no one is better than you. For selling services, first of all you should be confident of yourself so that others can have confidence in you. While selling, you are selling yourself instead of selling your services.

Fourth Tip: Provide Premium Services

You have to provide premium services to your clients without
incurring extra cost so that you can earn business from that client on repetitive basis. 

There are numbers of ways by which you can make sure that you are offering the best services
 You can offer revision of articles without charging any cost
 Finish your assigned task well before time
 Answers calmly about all the questions asked by your client
 Remove your mistakes if you found them at your end so that
your client can’t notice them
 Don’t lose your temper and remain polite even your client bursts
rudely on you

Fifth Tip: Have regular Communication

Your client has trusted you so it is your duty to keep him/her update with the status of the work on regular basis. As he has put his business, his money and his work on stake by trusting on an unknown person so you have to provide updates to him regularly.

They always feel better when you remain in touch with them. They
get the confidence that you will not ditch them. If you remain in touch with your client then in case of any delay in work wouldn’t bother your client. He wouldn’t object on it unless he has a strict schedule too. So, it’s better to tell your client about your delay unless he asks himself.

Sixth Tip: Go For testimonials

If you have testimonials then you will be more reliable in the eyes of your clients as compared to others. Basically, Testimonials are kind of a social proof that how much trust worthy are you?
You should try to provide URL along with pictures of the person who is giving you testimonial. In this way, your testimonial will give more real look and people will rely upon you.

Seventh Tip: Try To Get Business on Repetitive Basis

A new customer always cost more as compared to old one. Retaining an old customer is always good for the progress of business. 
There are number of things that should be done by you so that you client returns to you more work.
 Send your clients regular mails by building a mailing list
 Send special discount offers to your regular clients and other
discount offers to other clients
 Provide discount offers to your clients on achieving different
 Try to give prizes or schemes to your loyal customers on regular
 If you make a mistake or delayed the work then try to
compensate your client

Eight Tip: Provide Discounts On Articles Volume

Big orders always generate big portion of income so you have to offer discounts to such clients so that they continue to work with you. You should try to develop a long term relationship with such kind of clients.

In this regard, you can play mind game with such kind of clients as
well. If you wanted to perform a task in $12 then price yourself at
$15 to $20. Then show them a special discount and put $12 rate in
the quotation.

You have to discourage such people who give small number of articles to you so your discount slabs should be managed as per your policy.

You have to save your time by taking one large order instead of
taking numbers of small orders. In this regard, you will waste lot of
time while talking to different clients which will disturb your work.
Here is a sample of a scale that you can lay down for yourself. Like if your lowest price for writing per page is $12 then your scale should like
 Articles range from 1 to 4 would be charged at $20 each
 Articles range from 5 to 9 would be charged at $18 each
 Articles range from 10 to 19 would be charged at $16 each
 Articles range from 20 to 29 would be charged at $14 each
 30 articles or more would be charged at $12 each

Ninth Tip: Always Encourage Referrals

The best way to grow your business is to get maximum number of
referrals. Your existing clients are the best marketing tool. Many
people do such kind of things at their own but on the other hand
many don’t do so.

Some people refer you just to gain any kind of incentive or a
percentage of commission. Some will not refer you as they think that you will get too busy and wouldn't give them their time. Some don’t do this just because they don’t remember about it as they don’t have enough time to remember these sorts of things.

Incentives are of different kinds like they may include some amount of cash or they may include some percentage or you might give an article free for every ten articles.
By offering such kind of offers, people not only refer you further but also provide you courage to perform the task efficiently.

Tenth Tip: Prove Yourself Irreplaceable

If you provide your best services at affordable rates and that services matched with the client’s requirements too then you will become simply irreplaceable until anything goes wrong. This is one of the best ways to gain maximum amount of business.
You have to offer best price but by keeping in mind that you don’t
have to make loss. 

You should try to return the completed assignment well before the time. Try to do as friendly discussions as possible. Always price your services at reasonable amount. If you price yourself at low then you are simply going to burn yourself. It would put negative impact upon your business.

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