Sep 11, 2014

How to Create a Product and Make Your Own Automated Income Website

If you want an automated income system you can start searching online and find one that you think will do well based on your research, become an affiliate, and start marketing that product focusing on creating an automated income system. However, there’s another way to create an automated income and that’s to create your own product.

Create a Hot Topic

If you create a marketable product, such as a “how to make money,” book all the profits will go to your pocket, rather than getting a percentage from someone else’s marketable product. And
here is the real kicker – now you can be the vendor offering an affiliate program, and you can make money from others who are selling your product(s).

So take some time and do your homework to learn what it is internet users are looking for. Then build your product around that. If you want to create a book, but you are not a writer there are
many services online where you can hire a writer to put together your book.

Generate Traffic

Once you've created your product you’ll need to generate traffic. Pick one method of generating traffic and focus on it. You can expand later but otherwise your time will be too spread out, and
none of the traffic generation sources are getting your full attention.

Giving something away is a good way to bring people to your site. For example, a free report or a video that provides the viewer with ideas and ways to start their own automated income website. A monthly newsletter is another great giveaway. That’s just a couple of ideas. Next you’ll need to convert your visitors.

Building the Conversion System

The first thing you need to factor into your plan is how you are going to generate leads. With a low cost report the use of a squeeze page might not make sense. Even when you are paying your affiliate 100% they still may not be happy with a squeeze page. Instead you can use an exit popup to operate the free report. A squeeze page that looks like a membership signup page always works well.

Once you have a list of those people who have signed up you can easily follow up offering them great content, while you build a relationship with them and therefore increase your conversion

Once you know how you are going to capture leads, it’s time to start working on your sales page. If you have a really HOT topic it won’t take much to convince visitors to your page to make the purchase.

There are three things every sales page must include, which is what you are offering, what they will get, and how they are able to get it. Remember, keep it simple and to the point. That’s it in a nutshell. Of course, one short article can’t give you all the detail but you are certainly ready to get started and there’s plenty of excellent information online.

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