Sep 11, 2014

More Top Techniques to Increase Sales

Business Cards
Your business card can often be the first impression a potential client has of you. Research and see what your competitors are doing and best them with yours. Give your business cards to business associates who might be able to promote your business, to everyone you meet and you could even put one in every letter you send out.

Be grateful
People remember your kindness. There are many things you can be grateful about, someone who refers business to you, reliable suppliers etc. You can thank people with a special offer, make a personalized thank you card, phone phone call, discounts, flowers, dinner or even a commission.

Business Cards for All Employees
Your employees will be proud to leave the business cards you print for them customized with their names with every customer and every prospect. They may even pass cards to their friends and relatives and your name will be in many more places.

Follow the successful
Identify the winners in your industry and analyse their marketing strategies. Pick out the ones that you can use to improve on them and adapt them to your own business.

Organize Parties / Events
Send out party invitations to clients and friends and plan an event to demonstrate your product or service. Make the buying process easier for your customers by eliminating all the long complicated payment methods. Let the media know about that you are unveiling interesting new products.

People can feel it when you want to sell them something and that is an uncomfortable feeling. Genuinely offer customers useful products and services that make you and them happy. Follow your passion, do what you love and the money will follow.

Set up an advisory board
For a business to grow, you need honest feedback from people you can trust. Some of the feedback may be harsh but this is a good thing because you can take those opinions and work on improving your business. Get these people (friends, family, business associates whose opinions and judgment you value) to critique every aspect of your business so that you can get a different look at your business.

Use A Dipstick Now And Then
During the course of your presentation in explaining your product or service to potential clients, pause every now and then to ask the audience a question. This is to check whether your explanation has been received by the other party. You can't sell your product or service if your message is not being received.

Never Assume
Assumptions are often stumbling blocks even before you present your product or service to a potential client. It often stems from you not having the confidence in your product or service. Have a strong belief in your business and the need it fills.

A bite at a time
How do you eat an elephant? A bite at a time. Reputable and successful companies did not start out exploding millions of dollars in profit, they started out small. So continue to stay focused and determined about the success of your company even though you are not at the pinnacle of success yet.

Public Library
The library has a comprehensive collection of business books. Although their list is not exhaustive, at least you have got somewhere to start if you needed to learn something that can help you in your business. You can also save time in research because you can ask librarians for the information you need and they will find it for you. Not all the books you loaned are suitable for your business. Read over the books and then select and buy the ones you want to add to your own business library.

Use One Media to Direct Your Customer To Another
If your target market research told you that the most popular channel to reach your target audience is through one media but your product or service works better on another media channel, use the media popular to your target market to direct your potential clients to the other media channel that is more effective in sending the message of your product or service.

Invite Complaints About Your Business Or Product
This point concerns after-purchase customer service. Call your customers after the sale is made or send them a post card to ask how is the performance of your product or quality of your service. If there was any problem, at least you can rectify it with immediate promptness, rather than hearing the complaint from other channels.

Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity
Your communications materials will never be 100% perfect. It can always be improved on or revised. There’s a saying that goes “Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity”. When you have a product that can save the world, it is more important to get the message out there as fast as you can. The more you delay, the more chances you are providing for fellow competitors to latch on your idea and reach your customers faster than you can.

 Swipe Files

Collect and compile a list of good ads and brochures into a swipe. Use this file as a form of inspiration when you experience a creative block when designing your own advertising. Don’t copy them entirely but adapt the use of it to your own business.

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