Dec 3, 2014

Earn Money " Up To 20$ - 30$ Per Day"

Earn Money  " Up To 20$ - 30$ Per Day" 
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There is nothing worse than losing an active referral. If you got a super active referral who always click daily and on time, then there will always be a risk if it expire. Expire means the number of days gone for which you rented it and the risk is that you may forget to pay it again or to extent it for next month. So to overcome this Neobux invented AutoPay system. By using this system you don’t have to worry that what happened if you forget to rent it again on its expiry date. AutoPay will handle it. If you rent a referral for 30 days and if he click on first day then one more day will automatically be added to its renting day and in this way the expiry date will extend by one day. So always keep your AutoPay on when you rent referral, to prevent losing some potential active referral.

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