Jul 14, 2015

A good way of keeping the web site dynamic

A good way of keeping the web site dynamic is to invite opinion/ comments of different people in terms of Blogs/ Articles/ forum. Let us take a typical example. A site on mesothelioma is inviting comments from common people. So, people from different segments will share their experience and developments in that forum or Blog. 

Even people may write small articles to share the updates. So, your web site is being stuffed with the keyword mesothelioma, which is again a most wanted keyword for today’s search engines. So, this results in automatic dynamism for the site.

How does a website get so many people who are willing to write for them? These people invite people/ users from the world, who will be ready to keep on posting comments/ reviews or sending articles to their sites on a daily basis. This may be simple one liner, or comments of 3 to 4 lines or even articles of 250 words. The web site owner hires such people, who will be interested in doing research work on the net and keep on posting it everyday.
This job requires primarily research on the Internet and patience for building their comments/ blogs/ articles. 

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