Jul 2, 2015

Become an SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimization is the process of helping websites get onto the top of Google. An SEO consultant would help make that happen.

As an SEO consultant, you would look at different elements of a client’s website and work with them to get their site SEO-friendly.

Follow these steps as an Seo:

To become an SEO expert/consultant you have to check following

1. Visibility:
The website pages should not have spelling mistakes, missing titles, duplicate content. To get rid of these visibility errors there are two web master tools. 
1. Google wm tools 
2. Seo most crawl apps.

2. Keyword targeting:
Choose right keyword to get in top Google and other search engines. The domain, title and content should include the keyword. For ex. Online shopping. - 
* site should have good search volume
* low difficulty while searching the products, 
* high relevancy of the products.

3. Content Quality & Value:
The content should be relevant as there will be much traffic to your site. The site content Quality should attract the visitors. So the information given in the site should be useful and describing in a detailed.  The content should have images, videos to make the visitors stay in the site much time. 

4. Design quality and user experience usability:
Site should be user friendly and design in professional.  There are few Tools to check these features of design quality and usability;
1. Five second test
2. Feedback amy
3. Silverback app.

5. Social Site Setup:
Now a days the Google and SEO are in together. so setup the social sharing sites account for the new site on top 4 social site; Facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+.

6. Link Building:

Site must be with high quality links. the low quality links can hurt most of the site reputation.
start with: 
* Business contact, email lists, 
* Guest Posting and Content in a trust worthy sites for high quality    links.
* High Quality Resources.
* News , Media and Blogs
* Relevant Social/Industry/App accounts
* Social media acquisition
* Content Marketing.

Don't link with:
* Reciprocal Link pages
* Low Quality directories
* Article marketing 
* Paid links
* Open forums

And also take some steps to become an SEO consultant:

* Create a website for yourself.

* Show samples of what you’ve been able to do before with search engine results.

* To get clients, you may want to type in certain search terms and approach clients who are not already at the top and you think you can help.

* You can also find SEO consultant positions on Elance.com, Guru.com, and Odesk.com.
How much money can I make?

* If you are an expert with proven track record, you can make an hourly rate (the minimum would be $10 an hour) or a set price every time a website goes to the top ($500 or more). You may want to start off with lower prices in the beginning to establish a track record and then go up as you learn more.
For this online business Techniques we can use seo as a key role.

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