Jul 25, 2015

Best 'Online Business Idea' To Start - For Every One

When you're just starting out the Online Business, or you are established but want to test new product lines, you don't want to spend your own money up front for those products, just in case they don't sell. In this situation, you want a Drop Shipper.

In Product Sourcing, you need to decide whether you're going to spend money buying bulk quantities of products from Wholesalers, storing them at your house, and shipping them to your customers yourself. The deciding factor is usually how well you think the products will sell.

Using Drop Shippers allows you to sell brand new, brand name products to your customers without paying for those products before you sell them. In other words, your customer pays you for the products before you pay your Wholesale Supplier for them.

Pretty cool, huh? :o) Keep in mind that selling products using Drop Shipping costs you a little more, because the Drop Shipper does a lot of the work for you and has to charge you a slightly higher wholesale price. It's a great way to test a product market, though, and many people use Drop Shippers as a regular and continuing part of their Product Sourcing Methods.

Here's how drop shipping works:

1. You open an Internet Store, or start an account on an Auction site, like eBay.

2. You find a Wholesale Supplier who is willing to Drop Ship the products you want to sell.

3. You establish an account with the Drop Ship Supplier(s) you choose.

4. You receive images and descriptions of the products you want to sell from the Supplier, and place them on your Internet Store or Auction.

5. A customer finds your Store or Auction, and falls in love with a product that you have priced at, say, $80. They purchase the item with their credit card. Your Store or Auction charges their credit card $80 plus shipping.

6. You email the order to your Drop Ship Supplier, along with the customer's name and address.

7. The Drop Ship Supplier sends the product directly to your customer from the warehouse. Some drop shippers will even place your business name on the package.

8. The Supplier charges you the wholesale price of, say, $52.00, plus shipping (you've already passed the shipping charge on to your customer, so the shipping costs you nothing).

9. Your customer gets a great name brand product from your store or auction shipped to their door, and they tell all their friends about you, and you make even more money.

There you have it. You just made a $28.00 profit on one product. You never even touched the product, and you didn't have to pay for it up front.

Be careful! There are a LOT of people out there who want you to believe that they are real Drop Ship Suppliers, when they are not. We'll talk more about them a little later. These people are no better than the scam artists who want to fool you into buying a useless web site. You need to find REPUTABLE Wholesale Suppliers. 

A good rule to go by: a REAL Wholesale Drop Ship Supplier does NOT charge you an "Account Setup Fee" OR "Monthly Fee" just to open or maintain an account with them. Refer Some E-Books to Promote the Products Here http://ebookstors.weebly.com/

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