Jul 4, 2015

Creating an External Linking Structure That Will Blast Your Online Business Site to the Top of Google

Search rankings for a specific keyword are primarily driven by the backlinks to your website using that keyword in the anchor text. But not all backlinks are treated equally. 

The more powerful a back link is, the more "juice" it flows into your website. And the more "link juice" that flows into your website, the higher your website ranks in search results. So both quantity and quality of back links are important in ranking higher in search results.

Getting external links, the link building phase of the Amazing Formula is the single most critical factor for attaining high rankings and consequently making money online.

Your link building activities are what will make or break your online business. On one hand, when done right, it can blast your pages to the top of Google - on the other hand, even a small mistake can drop your pages into the Google abyss.

* Too many links containing the exact same anchor text - Boom, Busted!

* Too many links from low quality sites - Boom, Busted!

* Too many links coming from just one genre (e.g. only from directories) - Boom, Busted!

* Too many links coming from non relevant pages - Boom, Busted!

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