Nov 18, 2015

Five Strategies to Get Results on Facebook

Strategy #1: Define Your Target Market. Every online marketing that will actually get you results starts with knowing exactly who your perfect clients are. If you don't know who your perfect clients are, you will not be able to get results with Facebook marketing.

Image result for facebook imagesStrategy #2: Connect With People In Your Target Market on Facebook. Every action you take on Facebook needs to connect you with people in your target market. Whether you are starting a business page, sharing tips or updating your status, ask yourself how doing this helps you connect and networking with people in your target market.

Strategy #3: Become Active On Facebook. Facebook marketing will only work for you if you are active. If you are not doing anything on Facebook, people in your target market will not know who you are, and, as a result, will not learn anything about your business.

Strategy #4: Share Tips On Facebook. A big part of your Facebook marketing should be promoting your expertise and sharing your expertise with people you meet on Facebook.
Here are a few ways to share your expertise: share tips using your status update. Share your blog posts on Facebook. Share your tips with members of your Facebook Business Page.

Strategy #5: Start A Facebook Business Page. And speaking of Facebook Business Page, start one if you don't have one yet. Your Facebook business page is the cornerstone of your Facebook marketing - you can use your business page to attract more people in your target market, share your expertise and invite your members to take the next step with you and become clients and customers.

Nov 15, 2015

How To Get 3 Backlinks on High PR Website

Getting good backlinks to your website will help to increase the overall search engine rank of your website. There are lots of well known ways to get backlinks, including article marketing, directory submission and link exchange, but this task focuses on getting backlinks from websites that have a high page rank.

Benefit–If you complete the following steps you will have 3 brand new backlinks to your site from high page rank websites.

Step by Step Instructions

1) Get a backlink from EHow is a popular website that teaches people how to do things. There are lots of categories including business, pets, home & finance, entertaining and more. 

 Visit eHow. comand click the “Join Now” button on the top right  Fill in the form and click “Register Now” 
 Login using your username and password and click “Edit Profile” 
 Fill in as many details as you want to but make sure that you put your website URL in the “Web Site” box and also write a sentence or two in the “About Me Box” 
 When you fill in the “About Me” box include your website URL with your keywords in the anchor text e.g. My name is Suzanne and I live in Scotland.  
 Click the “Save Changes” button and check everything looks ok by clicking the “see my public profile” button.

2) Get a backlink from Blogger is a popular blogging website owned by Google. This part of the task does not involve setting up a blog, it is simply a way to get a backlink. 

 If you don’t already have a Google account create one. 

 Login to Blogger.comwith your Google account 
 Click on “Edit Profile” 
 There is a space to add our websitebut this is a nofollow link (not counted as a backlink). BUT, if you edit the “About Me” section you can add your website and anchor text and get a backlink. E.g.
My name is Suzanne and I am from Edinburgh.  
 Click on “Save Profile”

3) Get a backlink from –statcounter is a popular website tracking tool. In this method we are going to get a backlink from the statcounter forum. 

 Visit the Statcounter Forumand register 

 Login and click on your username, then click on “user cpanel“ and then on “edit your details” 
 Enter your website URL in the “Your Home Page” box 
 Scroll down and click “Save Changes” 
 If you can make a post in the statcounter forum as well this will help to get your profile page indexed more quickly, but you do not have to do this. If you do, make sure that your post is useful and either respond to someone’s comment or ask a question related to statcounter.

Additional Information If you are not sure what is meant by page rank read What is Google Page Rank?.
In most of these examples your profile will be created on a new page which will have a page rank of zero, BUT, because these sites are very popular and have high page ranks, over time your link on that page will be a very high quality backlink.

Nov 13, 2015

Best Top 5 Affiliate Programs for Making Money Online

Affiliate Program Top Pick #1
Url To Main Website:
Url To Affiliate Signup Page:
Commission Payout: You will be paid 50% of the sale value.
Affiliate Payday: Paid twice monthly

Affiliate Program Top Pick #2
Url To Main Website:
Url To Affiliate Signup Page:
Commission Payout: You will be paid 58% of the sale value
Affiliate Payday: Paid twice monthly

Affiliate Program Top Pick #3
Url To Main Website:
Url To Affiliate Signup Page:
Commission Payout: You will be paid 60% of the sale value
Affiliate Payday: Paid twice monthly

Affiliate Program Top Pick #4
Url To Main Website:
Url To Affiliate Signup Page:
Commission Payout: You will be paid 70% of the sale value
Affiliate Payday: Paid twice monthly

Affiliate Program Top Pick #5
Url To Main Website:
Url To Affiliate Signup Page:
Commission Payout: You will be paid 60% of the sale value
Affiliate Payday: Paid twice monthly

Nov 6, 2015

Making Money With Ads With Your I-Phone Applications

One way that you can make money with your I-Phone applications is to use ads with your application.  Instead of selling your applications, you can give them away as free downloads.  You can incorporate ads with the application and set up accounts for those who want to sponsor the application.  They can pay you a flat fee for advertising their product, service or they can pay you per download. 

Image result for earn money with iphone
You Can Create an App and Start Earning Money . . . without Any Coding Knowledge . . . Guaranteed

Once you get used to creating applications, you will most likely want to create more.  As the creative process continues to evolve, it will multiply.  You will find that it becomes easier to come up with ideas the more you create as energy bounces off each other. 

In order to get the ads for your application, you can look for them on sites like Click Bank.  This is a site for affiliate marketers.  You can look for companies that are looking for affiliates.  This is often easier than looking for companies that have an affiliate program.
Affiliate programs give you a percentage of the profits every time someone clicks onto their site and buys something, or in some cases just clicks on the site.  You can set up an affiliate account in many different ways.  When you work as an affiliate, you get paid each time the ad is used, not with each download. 
You can also advertise an e marketing plan through I-Phone on your website.  This can bring those who are interested in using your applications as a way to get the word out about their business. 
You can even make up apps for the I-Phone that work off of the product or service that the company offers.  In such a case, you should create the app and then ask the company for advertising.  Chances are that they will agree to this proposal.  This is a bit more involved than just going on Click Bank and being an affiliate but often nets your more cash. 
Companies will want to know what type of application you are distributing and how.  You should have a business plan ready for any company you contact so that they will understand what they will be getting for their money. 
It is important that you understand who the target market for your advertising campaign.  Both your application and the company that you are advertising for should have the same target market.  Before you can advertise anything, be it your application or an ad that is on your application, you need to know who the target market is.  The target market is who will most likely buy the product that you are advertising.   Both of the products should target the same market.

For example, if you are advertising a product that has a target market of women, you do not want to have it on an application that gives you all of the football scores.  While many women like football, the target market of football advertising is men.  You can tell just by watching a football game on television and seeing the ads.   The ads are only effective when they hit the target market. 
One way to get advertisers for your I-Phone application is to go to social networks such as Facebook and MySpace.  Many of them have people in the arts that are looking to get the word out about their band, art, music or acting abilities.  You can contact them directly to see if they are interested in being part of your application.  Many applications also feature music and art from unknown artists. 
Using ads are an ideal way to make money off of your I-Phone application.  You are better off to give away applications when you are using advertising from which you are earning a profit.  Many people feel that when they purchase an application, they should not have to see any ads.  When they download a free application, however, they are used to seeing ads. 
Whether you procure the ads from other companies directly or through an affiliate program, you can make money off of your I-Phone applications through using it to advertise products or services.  As long as you are aware of who your target market is for your application as well as for your ad, and the two of them mesh well together, you can make money using this type of system. 
Ads are a different way to make money with your I-Phone applications rather than just outright selling them.  Ads can make sense if your applications are not very unique or are those where there is limited interest.  As long as you can come up with an application for the I-Phone, you can use an ad to make money by distributing the product.

It is important to also note that most of the I-Phone users are younger people.  While the internet is beginning to target older individuals with advertising campaigns, I-Phone applications target younger people who also happen to have the money for this technology and to keep it up.
Your applications should appeal to a younger audience that is more likely to download the product.  While applications like stock market updates and weather updates from your area may seem like a fine idea, and are already implemented in I-Phone applications, updates on the latest pop band or new trend may be even more popular when it comes to applications as well as getting advertisers. 
When you are seeking advertisers for your applications, be sure to look for those who are marketing their products for a younger crowd.